The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein – ABPA is the result of a merger between two organizations: UBABEF – Brazilian Poultry Association and ABIPECS – Brazilian Meat Producers and Exporters Association. UBABEF and ABIPECS have an over 10-year history of partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency).

The goal is to significantly increase export volumes and revenues for ABPA member companies and participants in the project, in addition to the number of markets to which Brazil currently exports chicken meat. A concentrated effort on holding trade shows, workshops and image and buyer projects and running an institutional campaign for Brazilian protein through distribution of promotional materials could guarantee consolidation of the image of good quality products at a good price and with an ability to tailor these products that only Brazil can offer.

Partnership with Apex-Brasil is the impulse needed to increase the chicken meat industry's volume and revenues, through recovery of markets and access to new markets that are not yet open to this product.

The Project was developed to promote and publicize the concept of "Brazilian Chicken" to the world and the high quality of Brazilian chicken meat. This makes it easier to maintain and grow markets to which access has already been gained, in addition to fostering the opening of new markets. Direct beneficiaries include 30 exporting companies that are members of this project.